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My Favorite Football Slash Pairings

- Bolded are my absolute favorites -
- Italicized are my guilty pleasures -


1. Giggs/MOwen
2. Ryan/Stevie
3. Joey/MOwen
4. Stevie/Nando
5. Stevie/Carra
6. Pepe/Carra
7. Joey Cole/Nando
8. Joey/Cesc
9. Pepe/Nando
10. Carrick/O'Shea
11. Carrick/Fletcher
12. O'Shea/Evans
13. Ryan/Carrick
14. Danny/Martin
15. Ryan/Gary
16. John/Frank
17. Stevie/Carra/Nando
18. MOwen/Ryan/Stevie
19. MOwen/Steive
20. Carra/MOwen

21. Ryan/Aaron Ramsey


1. Iker/Cesc
2. Leo/Bojan
3. Pep/Bojan
4. Pep/Leo/Bojan
5. Pep/Leo
6. Leo/Villa
7. Iker/Villa
8. Xavi/Bojan
9. Leo/Xavi
10. Raul/Iker
11. Raul/Bojan
12. Raul/Pep
13. Iker/Bojan
14. Iker/Xavi
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Redone again! :D
The December 1st, 2010 edition.

- For each category, they're organized by my top favorites.-


1. Stevie 2. Carra 3. Joey Cole 4. Nando 5. Pepe
6. Danny 7. Skrtel 8. David N'Gog 9. Lucas 10. Dirk

FC Barcelona

1. Messi 2. Bojan 3. Pep [he counts!] 4. Villa 5. Xavi
6. Iniesta 7. Pique 8. Valdes 9. Puyol

Misc. EPL PLayers

1. Ryan Giggs 2. MOwen 3. Gary Neville
4. Frank Lampard 5. John O'Shea 6. Michael Carrick
7. Jonny Evans 8. Aaron Ramsey

Bayern Munich/Germany

1. Lukas Podolski 2. Bastian Schweinsteiger 3. Philipp Lahm
4. Mario Gomez 5. Miroslav Klose 6. Thomas Muller
7. Stefan Kiessling

Misc. Spaniards

1. Iker 2. Raul 3. Cesc 4. Vicente 5. Alvaro
6. Pablo 7. Mata


1. Carlos Bocanegra 2. Clint Dempsey
3. Marco Borriello 4. Jamie Redknapp
5. David Beckham
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Number TWO is that LIVERPOOL WON! =-D


...life's good :D Now if only the Gunners can beat United in a couple hours....;-)
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I decided to make a list of my favorite fictions: drabbles, ficlets, series, etc.
This isn't finite because I love too many things but, you know, I figured, why not collect 'em and share? Football Slash Only!

Drabble: Was going to be this one by [livejournal.com profile] pretty_panther, but then she wrote THAT and well...yeah. That one wins. :-D

Songfic: This is a hard one. But, I'd probably say...this because it was a request from me to Sammy and she did wonderfully with it. =-D

Issues - Iker Casillas / Cesc Fabregas ; NC-17 ; Author: [livejournal.com profile] pretty_panther

Oneshot: Of ALL of them out there, and trust me that's a TON, this one is my favorite because it's powerful, it's real, it's...just...awesome. Plus, it's Stevie/Nando so...that don't hurt neither. ;-)

The Hunted - Steven Gerrard/Fernando Torres ; PG-13 ; Author: [livejournal.com profile] casi_casi

Crackfic: Hard one because there are a couple that could have won this award. However, this one is by far the one that made me laugh so hard. Though, anything with Pepe as the main character (with this title) in it is destined to be good.

How To Survive Anfield With Your Sexuality Intact (The Rare STRAIGHT Man's Edition) - Pepe Reina w/mentions of LFC ; PG ; Author: [livejournal.com profile] 0sweet_tart0

Darkfic: Don't have one honestly because there aren't like any real good dark fics. If somebody has one, please pass it on, I'd love to read it =-)

Smut: Whereas I don't have a favorite darkfic, I have TOO MANY smutty ones. *facepalm* This is a hard hard choice, no irony intended, but...I'm going enie meanie minie moe okay? It's hard! Mmkay, I choose this one because...well...if you read it...you'll get why. Even if it is Pep y Bojan. *licks lips for mention of Pep* Sorry.

Promise Fulfilled - Pep Guardiola / Bojan Krkic ; NC-17 ; Author: [livejournal.com profile] zoemargaret

AU: I had a huge mental debate about this one because there are two of Madeleine's that I like A LOT but this one is really good too. I'm sorry Madeleine :(

Private Studies - Iker/Cesc mainly with apps by others ; blanket rating of PG-13 ; Author: [livejournal.com profile] ela_alonso

Multichapter: Without a doubt this one. It's funny as hell and will have you laughing so hard you ache and in some parts will have you blubbering with tears (kind of). It's a REALLY REALLY REALLY good story.

Truth Or Dare - Iker/Cesc, Sergio/Nando mainly with apperances by the others ; NC-17 in quite a few parts ; Author: [livejournal.com profile] melungeoned

Series: This is another hard one and because I cannot choose between these TWO, I'm posting both, so they both win the spot.

True Colors - Sergio/Fernando ; blanket PG-13, slight R ; Author: [livejournal.com profile] sadwal1538

Butterflies - Steven/Fernando ; blanket R ; Author: [livejournal.com profile] pretty_panther