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Erm.....Thanks to whoever sent me the V-gift! Twas much appreciated! :-D

*squishes you whoever you are*

Feel free to tell me if you want, I'd love to know who sent it :-D
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Heee For anybody that cares about the rest of my NaNo story:

More will be coming soon and you'll be happy to know that I know EXACTLY where it's going. I already knew this anyway but I WROTE IT DOWN ON PAPER. Two pages, front and back, in little bitty letters that says the rest of the entire plot for the story.

If I die, I'm leaving it in my will that I take that piece of paper to the grave with me. Cuz I'm sneaky like that. =-P

Anyways, more soon, I promise =-)

Yeah, I lasted a whole day and a half of vacation. GO ME. XD

Dinner first ;-)
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Heeee it still feels good! =-D
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I DID IT! I DID IT I DID IT I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And the best part? This chapter still isn't even done yet! O_O
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Music from the original motion fiction:

Click the picture to download. PLEASE READ THE READ-ME!!! It's the track listing in the order of which you should hear them. I know that's kinda anal, but it makes more sense if you hear them in order. Get your free *cough honestly like you'd pay for it XD cough* copy today!
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First of all *points to icon* LOLZ It's a quote from Jim Gaffigan in one of his sketches. It's FUNNY and that's why I use it. *nods* Made by me :)

Secondly, and the real reason of this post, is to THANK ALL Y'ALL WHO ARE READING MY NANOWRIMO.

All y'all rock and I love you guys, especially [livejournal.com profile] nicole811  and [livejournal.com profile] notsostrange  because you two lovelies keep me going <3

More coming soon....like...tonight hopefully.

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I've been trying to work out a good story idea for my NaNo because I'm going to really try to do it this year {my first time!} and I think I've gotten it down to 2 good story ideas.

The basics for those are:

The first one is a football AU and all slash. I'm not sure about this one because it's AU and I already have one AU going on {next chapter of that by the by is coming up sooner-ish I promise}. It's mostly Spaniards but has quite a few of the 'original' football slash pairings.

The second is the one I'll probably do and it isn't an AU football slash with a little het thrown in. That one is mostly centered around LFC and the Premiership with Champions League teams and etc. It's more real life.

I can't do both so maybe I'll just do one this year and the other one next year. *shrugs*

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