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Tell Me A Secret

Tell me something that you want to share, it'll be kept private. I will never tell a soul what you tell me here. This post is for you to let it out and that's all. I've also allowed anon comments if you prefer. It can be personal or it can be something some people know or it can not really be a secret at all. Comments are screened.

My Secret

When I was 7 or 8, I was swinging at my grandpa's house on the swing there. My sister was there but she was just watching. Grandpa was pushing me and I was enjoying it, but I wanted to stop. I asked him to stop, but he didn't hear me so I looked at my sister and asked her to tell him to stop. She just looked at me and never said anything. So I jumped from the swing. I landed and then I realized I couldn't walk afterwards. I was winded and this sharp pain went down my spine every time I tried to move. I ended up needing to be taken to the hospital to see what the heck was wrong. For seven hours I was unable to walk or move anything below my waist. Finally I could again and everything worked itself out. The secret is sometimes I wonder if my sister did that on purpose and if she would've felt guilty at all if I had never been able to walk again if she had done it purposefully.
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Hello darlings :)

I'm going to make an EPIC picspam later this week, but since I don't want to do it just for me, I want your opinions on who to put in there.

Of course there will be: Stevie, Carra, various LFC, Messi, Bojan, other various Barca, probably some of the Mancs I'm fond of, Lampsy, JT for [livejournal.com profile] inesdelsol and [livejournal.com profile] miss_black91, Gary for Rakel.

But who else do you want to see?

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I haven't made a poll in a long time. Clearly I'm appalled.

[Poll #1652314]
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If you can see this entry, you're good.
If you can't, I'm sorry you were cut.
Message me if you think I made a mistake. :)
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WHO do you SHIP me with?

This is a variation on the original ;-)


① Leave a comment and tell me who you ship me with!
② It can be a person, fictional person, object, interest, color, country (cough cough), anything! Go wild with it!
③ Repost at will!

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Redone again! :D
The December 1st, 2010 edition.

- For each category, they're organized by my top favorites.-


1. Stevie 2. Carra 3. Joey Cole 4. Nando 5. Pepe
6. Danny 7. Skrtel 8. David N'Gog 9. Lucas 10. Dirk

FC Barcelona

1. Messi 2. Bojan 3. Pep [he counts!] 4. Villa 5. Xavi
6. Iniesta 7. Pique 8. Valdes 9. Puyol

Misc. EPL PLayers

1. Ryan Giggs 2. MOwen 3. Gary Neville
4. Frank Lampard 5. John O'Shea 6. Michael Carrick
7. Jonny Evans 8. Aaron Ramsey

Bayern Munich/Germany

1. Lukas Podolski 2. Bastian Schweinsteiger 3. Philipp Lahm
4. Mario Gomez 5. Miroslav Klose 6. Thomas Muller
7. Stefan Kiessling

Misc. Spaniards

1. Iker 2. Raul 3. Cesc 4. Vicente 5. Alvaro
6. Pablo 7. Mata


1. Carlos Bocanegra 2. Clint Dempsey
3. Marco Borriello 4. Jamie Redknapp
5. David Beckham
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This is Sarah's curiosity calling, please take a moment to answer this poll. Thank you! lol

[Seriously, you don't have to if you don't want too. But polls are fun, and random, but fun! =-D]

The player you like the least is:

[Poll #1520898]
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This is a weird poll but I'm curious as hell. I'm a dork, we already know that. :P
There really isn't a point to this post except just to vote against the teams you dont like. It's weird but....oh well. So vote if you want! :D


[Poll #1516463]
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We're having a membership drive!
New members get 2 freebie prompts and if you're referred by an existing member, they get one as well.

Deadline is October 7th, 2009!!!

Now's a great time to join! =-D
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Anybody got any good Football fanfic to read?
I'm bored and don't feel like doing anything except reading so...please help! =-)