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I have a question for those lovelies that are FAR more educated in these things than I.

Anybody know how to piddle around with HTML to add a sidebar to a really cool layout? And while we're at it Anybody know how to add the 'you are viewing somebody's journal' the thing like that at the top?

I'm only asking because I ADORE this new layout and I really want to keep it but I'm thinking that it's not going to last long if I can't get either of those things to work. If anybody has any tips or suggestions, I'm all ears.

Thank you guys <3
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Anybody that wants to vote please do. If you don't well...thanks for stopping by :D

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Yeah this is a random question. But its about your opinion so please answer it :D

What are your thoughts about Michael Owen?

I warned you it was a random question...
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I was wondering if anybody had a download link for the October 25th Liverpool/United match...I looked almost everywhere I think and the ones I did find didn't work and it was pretty damn annoying to be honest with you. I really want to see that match so if anybody knows anything, please, I'm begging you from the bottom of my heart, please share :)

And I bring a funny video for your time:

[okay, so it's funny if you DONT like United...or its funny if you like watching two rivals have it out...either way, it amused the heck out of me :D]
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Okay if anybody wants to be loved by me forever and ever and ever: Pep/Leo/Bojan porn.


Seriously though, picture it: Pep watching the two of them...Leo teasing Bo for his not-so-private crush on Pep...Pep being all commanding and stuff when he joined them...Leo and Bojan together first...UNF.

Excuse me while I melt into the floor.
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So I need you to vote if you'd be so kind :-)

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Poll opened till Sunday, then I need to order them!
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WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? Why are so many of y'all leaving? I know I wasn't around today much but when I come back to check my Flist {I'm a masochist hush} everybody's leaving.

What's up with that???

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Anybody know how to say: "Our love will live forever" ?
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Anybody want any fic? I'm taking offers till....Friday.

Fandoms: Football (soccer), CSI (any of 'em), Tennis (No Nadal por favor amigos), NCIS, Harry Potter and anything else I write for that I can't think of right now

Ratings: Anything is okay, I'm not picky

Uhm...warnings, I'm not opposed to kinks, fetishes. I do draw the line at anything past foursomes (in case anybody wanted those). I did one orgy and that was one time and one time only. Sorry =-|

Any questions, just ask :-)
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I would like y'alls opinion. I know what I want for Christmas/my birthday and to get them we gotta order 'em, and when I say 'we' I mean...me. I want 2 Liverpool kit shirts (yeah I know =-P) and I KNOW I want Steven's but I have no idea who the other one should be. I mean, I would like one of everybody but since that isn't exactly...realistic, I narrowed it down to 3.

So....who do you think?

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I've been trying to work out a good story idea for my NaNo because I'm going to really try to do it this year {my first time!} and I think I've gotten it down to 2 good story ideas.

The basics for those are:

The first one is a football AU and all slash. I'm not sure about this one because it's AU and I already have one AU going on {next chapter of that by the by is coming up sooner-ish I promise}. It's mostly Spaniards but has quite a few of the 'original' football slash pairings.

The second is the one I'll probably do and it isn't an AU football slash with a little het thrown in. That one is mostly centered around LFC and the Premiership with Champions League teams and etc. It's more real life.

I can't do both so maybe I'll just do one this year and the other one next year. *shrugs*

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I'm taking a vote, who wants:

[Poll #1439674]

If you voted fic, could you please comment and say which one if you have a particular one?
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Hey guys, would you lovelies please take a minute to go vote for [livejournal.com profile] mystik_rose for Coach's Are you a Poppy girl? campaign, please? She would love the grand prize (who wouldn't) but is content enough with breaking the top 100 and since she is 290 of 2,271, I think that is an amazing feat for one thing and totally acceptable.

So please vote! You can vote once a day =-)

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Don't you just love it when you get a fic idea that NOBODY will read at all and you KNOW they won't read it, but you're going to write it anyway? The kind of idea where not even your friends will read it because they don't like the main characters (hell, I don't either but I'm going to write it anyway)? Don't you just LOVE those?