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With recent stuff that has happened, I'm asking everyone that wishes to friend me to fill out this form:

so that I can know more about them. All comments are screened for your privacy.

If you really want to friend me, then please fill that out.

Also, if you're friending me because of my fic or my graphics then go here [livejournal.com profile] tennisfan_fic or [livejournal.com profile] graphxbysarah because there are no graphics or fic on this journal. This is my personal journal only.

My name is Sarah and I don't act my age. I love Liverpool FC & FC Barcelona with all my heart. I love American football especially Wake Forest & LSU. I love baseball, the Yankees and the White Sox. Other things that interest me are reading, writing, making icons, and watching sports of almost any kind.

Inside this journal there be personal things and many randoms. Enter at your own risk...;-]
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If you can see this entry, you're good.
If you can't, I'm sorry you were cut.
Message me if you think I made a mistake. :)
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I'm cutting my flist.
If you no longer can see my journal, you were probably cut.
If you think that we should still be friends leave a comment and I'll gladly reconsider you.

This is to cut down on my flist which has exploded mainly with communities but I thought everybody should know.
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I'm not mad, far from it I'm too relaxed listening to tunes to be mad, but I am a little...erm...irked? That nobody reads the FRIENDS ONLY POST before they add me.

I mean helloooo it's there for a reason.

Either way...adios y vaya con Dios {yeah, from THAT song}