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Hello darlings :)

I'm going to make an EPIC picspam later this week, but since I don't want to do it just for me, I want your opinions on who to put in there.

Of course there will be: Stevie, Carra, various LFC, Messi, Bojan, other various Barca, probably some of the Mancs I'm fond of, Lampsy, JT for [livejournal.com profile] inesdelsol and [livejournal.com profile] miss_black91, Gary for Rakel.

But who else do you want to see?

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Redone again! :D
The December 1st, 2010 edition.

- For each category, they're organized by my top favorites.-


1. Stevie 2. Carra 3. Joey Cole 4. Nando 5. Pepe
6. Danny 7. Skrtel 8. David N'Gog 9. Lucas 10. Dirk

FC Barcelona

1. Messi 2. Bojan 3. Pep [he counts!] 4. Villa 5. Xavi
6. Iniesta 7. Pique 8. Valdes 9. Puyol

Misc. EPL PLayers

1. Ryan Giggs 2. MOwen 3. Gary Neville
4. Frank Lampard 5. John O'Shea 6. Michael Carrick
7. Jonny Evans 8. Aaron Ramsey

Bayern Munich/Germany

1. Lukas Podolski 2. Bastian Schweinsteiger 3. Philipp Lahm
4. Mario Gomez 5. Miroslav Klose 6. Thomas Muller
7. Stefan Kiessling

Misc. Spaniards

1. Iker 2. Raul 3. Cesc 4. Vicente 5. Alvaro
6. Pablo 7. Mata


1. Carlos Bocanegra 2. Clint Dempsey
3. Marco Borriello 4. Jamie Redknapp
5. David Beckham
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Anybody that wants to vote please do. If you don't well...thanks for stopping by :D

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Yeah this is a random question. But its about your opinion so please answer it :D

What are your thoughts about Michael Owen?

I warned you it was a random question...
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I was wondering if anybody had a download link for the October 25th Liverpool/United match...I looked almost everywhere I think and the ones I did find didn't work and it was pretty damn annoying to be honest with you. I really want to see that match so if anybody knows anything, please, I'm begging you from the bottom of my heart, please share :)

And I bring a funny video for your time:

[okay, so it's funny if you DONT like United...or its funny if you like watching two rivals have it out...either way, it amused the heck out of me :D]
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I don't usually post my fic on my personal LJ but I'm going to link to this one because I AM ACTUALLY PROUD OF ONE THAT I WROTE. So...it gets a post :D

Title: Mine All Mine
Characters: Fictional Me!, Ryan Giggs, Steven Gerrard ; Mentioned by name: Dirk Kuyt, Pepe Reina, Fernando Torres, Jamie Carragher, Gary Neville, Rio Ferdinand
Rating: PG-13 for language & implications
Words: 2,925
A/N: Erm…well I was bored and this seemed like a good idea and uh…yeah. I have no real explanation for this one, only that it was in my head earlier and it came out. Hee :-D

Okay, so yes technically it was a low blow but watching his jaw clench like that? That made it so worth it.