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[livejournal.com profile] fslashexchange is a community where fanfics, fanart, and fanmixes are created and exchanged. Please read all the rules on the Profile to join. All ratings/teams are allowed. There is no theme for this round so you may request any pairing/team/character you like. :)

Please join us for Round 6 :D
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I'm offering a freebie drabble to anyone who requests one from me here. So please go ask for something if you want it :D
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Anybody want any fic? I'm taking offers till....Friday.

Fandoms: Football (soccer), CSI (any of 'em), Tennis (No Nadal por favor amigos), NCIS, Harry Potter and anything else I write for that I can't think of right now

Ratings: Anything is okay, I'm not picky

Uhm...warnings, I'm not opposed to kinks, fetishes. I do draw the line at anything past foursomes (in case anybody wanted those). I did one orgy and that was one time and one time only. Sorry =-|

Any questions, just ask :-)